Saturday, 7 September 2013


If you're life isn't the way you want it to be then you will definitely have something IN YOU creating it that way! 

The very first step in creating your own reality is to realise that what you've got right now is what you've been creating so far.

Take a look around... are you happy with the life you're creating on auto-pilot? If you're not, then it's time to weed out the old beliefs that are holding you back and plant some new ones.

Discovering your unconscious beliefs is tricky because... well, they're unconscious! So you have to be a little tricky yourself and fool them into showing themselves. 

And this is how you're going to do it...

When you change your beliefs and start to install new empowering ones everything snowballs! It might take a few days for things to filter down to this reality but, behind the scenes, stuff is happening... big stuff! That will totally transform your life!

Almost every self help guru and Law of Attraction teacher will tell you the same story... they struggled for years, desperately trying to make it work. All that effort is conscious, it's only when you break through to what lies beneath that you can begin to make real lasting changes.

The good news is that you can break through on day one! Right now!! 
You know it's going to happen anyway so why not today?

Use this video to weed out the pesky beliefs that no longer serve you, pop in some really juicy ones and make today the day that everything 'Clicks' for you!

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"...A very small item, without which, nothing can ever become manifest. Take this tiny billion dollar concept to heart, and your pathway will unfold before you..."

There is a well known and very much overlooked ‘secret’ that master manifestors use continuously. It is a very basic, simple component that sets in motion all that exists in the human world. We all know it is real and absolutely necessary. Yet the vast majority of people do their level best to avoid it. 

Without this ‘secret’, all dreams, hopes, wishes and well intentioned goals will remain in a keepsake box stuffed under the bed. The box will be pulled out on rainy afternoons, and its carefully saved articles dusted off and cherished once more. Some time will be spent in pondering potential possibilities, and hopefulness will expire. Great wistfulness will settle over its guardian, and with a tired resolve, the goals, ambitions and really serious potential will be carefully put to rest once more.

The real definition of potential, to put it politely, is ‘worth nothing as it sits right now’. Goals, dreams, wishes, hopes and desire have only potential without the obvious secret that can only lead to manifestation. Not worth a darn right now. There is little so common in the world as latent potential. But add the magic ingredient, and your desires will become manifest before your eyes. Pour a viscous, electric blue liquid into your keepsake box, and it will empty itself into your real world.

This secret, magic ingredient is commonly known as ‘action’. Get it done, get it on, go, just do it, start, ACTION. 

This is a billion dollar concept that gifted speakers devote entire seminars to. 

All desires must begin their journey into manifestation somewhere. All things already exist, but you must accept them, or go get them. You must actively allow results to happen. Take action, and get what it is you want.

Consider a sated, comfortable diner sitting after dinner at a lavish restaurant buffet. All he wanted to eat waits in shiny serving dishes. He tremendously wishes for a piece of delicious pie, but has none. Magnificent fresh pie is only across the room. Does he really want the pie itself, or is the activity of wanting pie more fun? Which will be more satisfying, wanting the desire, or fulfilling the desire? What will it take to fulfil this dream? In the diner’s case, the monumental undertaking of getting up and taking the pie will satisfy a craving.

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Lose the potential, and take the action. Start and the path to success will unfold in front of you as you walk upon it. The pathway will continue as long as you wish to travel, but you must take that first step. Desire all you want, but without actually doing something about it, the reality will never manifest itself in front of you, and remain a wistful keepsake stuffed under the bed in a box.

Take action, start, and your path will reveal itself to you.


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Friday, 6 September 2013


Gratitude or appreciation of what we already have is necessary to attract things we want. Every day when you wake up try to be thankful. Think about the good things in your live you should be thankful for. Appreciate your job (even if you don’t like it).

Feel gratitude for a place to live. If you have some food, some friends or anything else you can find to appreciate, appreciate it. A lot of people don’t have enough even basic things like food, water and their own place to live. It’s natural that you want more, that you want to improve your standard of life, but first you need to feel gratitude for what you already have.

If you start your day with feelings of gratitude you will feel good and you can keep that feeling all day.

But you should also write down something like this: “I am so happy and grateful that…” and then write what you would like to have. For example: “I am very happy and grateful that I make £1 million per year; that I have wonderful and loving wife…etc.” Use the present tense, visualize the things you want, be grateful for them, and think about them as already yours. When you achieve them, you can add new things to your list. 

When you write about money, start first with amount you believe is possible and then increase the amount when you got the amount you’d written down. Be specific.

When you start doing as described above, at first you might feel strange that you are using present tense for the things you want to have in the future, but it’s important to train your mind and force your mind to think about them in present tense. After some time of playing such “mental ping pong” your mind will obey and will help you to achieve the things you want.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013


Almost everyone will agree that manifesting money takes something special.  You may have manifest some of the things that you want but what about more money?

Recently someone ask the question, “why is money so very hard to attract?”  
Lots of people who discover the laws of attraction want to know the answer to that very question.  Many more people will continue to have a very hard time at trusting the law of attraction for the very reason that they are not able to manifest money as they would like.

1.  You Want it too Much

Yes, that’s right!  The mere fact that you want money makes you repel that money.  The more you want something the more you activate the law of attraction to further push it away from you. When you want something desperately you are at a place of lack, emptiness and with out. There are many ancient techniques that can move you out of that feeling of emptiness to where you begin to energetically empower yourself to draw a phenomenal amount of magnetic power to you.  These techniques although  simple are extremely effective in making you a powerful magnet.

2.  You Have Not Learned How to be Abundant

Learning how to be abundant is necessary to activating the law of attraction in your favour.  Before you can be abundant you have to be able to see abundance all around you.  You have to change your perspective on life and your present reality.  If you are thinking and feeling that the universe is scarce then it is more than likely that what you seen of the universe and scarcely will be reflected in how you manifest money to you.

3.  You Have Placed Money Above You

Few people will admit to doing so but most everyone has made money a huge priority in their life.  It isn't that money is not a priority but there is something which is way beyond money.  The moment you become aware that your own divine self is far more powerful than money you will continue to struggle in attracting more of it.  Those who are aware of their divine nature have an easier time of applying the laws of attraction to bring them more money or anything a lot faster.

4.  You Don’t Really Want Money

If a survey were to be taken more people than not would say the same sing, “I don’t really want a lot of money, I just want to have enough.”  It amazes me that so many people who work diligently at trying to understand the law of attraction will easily say that they don’t really want a lot of money.  Is it any wonder that few people will ever really attract a large amount of money.  The laws of attraction are quite on target with that inner feeling of conflict and will manifest exactly that resistance you have towards money

5. You Can’t Take Money as a Joke

One thing which is quite common to those who have manifested large fortunes in their life is that they moved beneath the pressure of making money.  To move beyond money you need to see and feel money as a game.  Making money should become a wonderful feeling of joy rather than a struggle of pain and suffering.  If you learn to have fun with making money the law of attraction will reward you by bringing you much more.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013



Writing your cosmic orders down is soooo important, and so few people do it! 
There are several reason why you should be doing this. I want to emphasise one of them before you go to the video...

Writing something down shifts it from your mind to the paper. This in itself is a process of manifestation. You're actually creating something when you do it. You're creating a physical thing that has order and energy. 
Your manifestation will begin to attract more of the same and encourage whatever it represents to manifest too!

Of course there are also lots of practical reasons for writing out your goals, here's the video with more details.

Keep your journal private! No one looks in mine!! Not even my partner... this makes it feel more precious to me and whenever I add something to it it feels like I'm communicating with the only other 'being' that will ever read it... All That Is!

And one final point... don't go to the trouble of buying a beautiful journal and fill it in with a cheap biro! Get yourself a nice pen too :) 

Make these your tools of creation and respect them.

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Monday, 2 September 2013


What do you know about the law of attraction? 

What do you say to yourself on a daily basis? 

If you’re in debt do you think about being in debt or do you think about making money or having abundance? 

When you are not feeling well do you think about being ill or feeling and getting healthy?
All these one second thoughts/decisions can make a HUGE difference.
One decision can change your life….one simple change in thought can change your life.
You will attract into your life what you think about most!!!!   

The Law of Attraction is basically whatever you think about, you bring about. 
I'm not making this up - all the great masters tell us on a daily basis.

Start focusing on what you do want, not what you do not want. 
Whatever you focus on you will manifest into your life. 

What do you want to attract into your life?

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Sunday, 1 September 2013



A recent study showed that the brain waves generated and neurotransmitters released when someone visualizes sitting on a beach (for example) are exactly the same as the brain waves of a person who is actually sitting on that beach. 
Your mind (and the Universe) doesn’t recognize the difference between what you perceive as “real” and “imaginary". It only reads vibration. The easiest way to attract something into your experience is to evoke the FEELING and VIBRATION of already having it, and then hold your attention to that feeling as long as possible, preferably until it becomes second nature. Feeling as if what you want is already here may seem like a exercise in delusion, but remember, reality is pliable. 
Your physical reality is constantly changing and conforming to the energy frequency you are holding.

When someone recently asked the entertainer Lady Gaga how she became so famous so quickly, she responded, “I knew I was famous even before anyone ever knew me.” She would feel, think, and act like people she admired even before the physical manifestation of her own fame.

Who are some people that inspire you? 
Who would you want to be like? 
It doesn’t have to be anyone “famous” – just someone that you admire and has had an impact on you. There are many archetypes for you to choose from. Try to get out of your own head a little bit and think and feel more like the person that inspires you. 
How would they think about a situation? 
What would they do? 
Aside from being a fun exercise, this can help you shift your perceptions and create new energy patterns.


As cliche as it sounds, some people have no idea what inspires them. They are so stuck in a rut of a 9 to 5 job, daily responsibilities, and every day issues, that they don’t even have the time or energy to think about “inspiration” – the concept seems too abstract and fanciful. But every day, the Universe gives you hints and clues as to what sort of things might make you happy. 
Carve out even 15 minutes every day to do something, anything that makes your heart sing. 
  • Meditate.
  • Take a bath. 
  • Listen to your favorite song. 
  • Reconnect with someone that you have forgotten.
Fifteen minutes of being in a state of allowing a day, done every day, will at least open a window where you’re allowing the Universe a chance to please you and create an opening for bigger doses of inspiration to sneak in.

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