Wednesday, 4 September 2013



Writing your cosmic orders down is soooo important, and so few people do it! 
There are several reason why you should be doing this. I want to emphasise one of them before you go to the video...

Writing something down shifts it from your mind to the paper. This in itself is a process of manifestation. You're actually creating something when you do it. You're creating a physical thing that has order and energy. 
Your manifestation will begin to attract more of the same and encourage whatever it represents to manifest too!

Of course there are also lots of practical reasons for writing out your goals, here's the video with more details.

Keep your journal private! No one looks in mine!! Not even my partner... this makes it feel more precious to me and whenever I add something to it it feels like I'm communicating with the only other 'being' that will ever read it... All That Is!

And one final point... don't go to the trouble of buying a beautiful journal and fill it in with a cheap biro! Get yourself a nice pen too :) 

Make these your tools of creation and respect them.

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