Sunday, 8 September 2013

*** LUCK VIRUS ***

Free eBOOK

Free eBOOK

Free eBOOK

This video is an hypnotic audio proven to increase your luck!

It has had a fantastic response since being released and many people are reporting miraculous results!

Why not give it a go yourself and let us know how you get on! 

Please listen to the video as many times as you like, in fact - the more the better!

Is available to purchase on itunes as high quality audio file

Interesting factoid: The idea for this video actually came from the BBC comedy series Red Dwarf.
In series 5, episode 4 "Quarantine" the crew visit a Viral Research Centre where a professor had been working on a theory that viruses can be positive as well as negative. 
One of these viruses is 'the luck virus' and the crew discover that whomever contracts it is granted extreme good luck!

*** We would love it if you leave a comment letting us know how this video affects you and what luck it attracts into your life! ***

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