Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Money Is Not the Root of Evil or of Happiness

This important subject of money and financial success is not the “root of all evil” as many have quoted - nor is it the path to happiness.

However, because the subject of money touches most of you in one way or another hundreds or even thousands of times in every day, it is a large factor in your vibrational makeup and in your personal point of attraction.

So when you are able to successfully control something that affects most of you all day, every day, you will have accomplished something rather significant.

In other words, because such a high percentage of your thoughts in any given day reside around the topic of money or financial success, as soon as you are able to deliberately guide your thoughts, not only is it certain that your financial success must improve, but the evidence of that success will then prepare you for deliberate improvement in every aspect of your life experience.

If you are a student of Deliberate Creation, if you want to consciously create your own reality, if you desire control of your own life experience, if you want to fulfill your reason for being, then your understanding of these prevalent topics - money and the Law of Attraction - will serve you enormously well.

Excerpt from 'Money & the Law of Attraction' by Jerry & Esther Hicks

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